Krav Maga expanding its reach

A renewed focus on self defence in recent months has made many options popular in the Cayman Islands. 

Among them is Krav Maga, an Israeli style practiced mainly by Ronnie Hughes at The Bootcamp Gym. Following a successful camp in August, Hughes states he has been pushed into expanding his business. 

“Due to our huge following and increased membership, we will be moving to a brand new, exclusive state-of-the-art facility due to open its doors to the Cayman public in January 2013,” Hughes said. 

“The new facility will be bigger, better and with a whole host of new features. This facility will be the first of its kind in Cayman or anywhere else for that matter.” 

Hughes drew interest for Krav Maga with seminars featuring top instructors David Kahn of the US and Avital Zeisler. The sessions took place at the old site in West Shore Centre, attracted some 87 people and resulted in $1,000 being donated to the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, which provides safe, temporary shelter for abused women and children. 

Zeisler, who earned her certification in Israel, is a former ballerina who credits Krav Maga with saving her life. 

“My father put me in a self-defence course and it happened to be Krav Maga,” Zeisler said. “It was a 10-week intensive course. Then I was attacked later on and basically that’s what propelled me to want to learn how to protect myself. 

“What I learned from that 10-week course saved my life.” 

Heading into the Christmas holidays, The Bootcamp Gym will be closed. As Hughes states, a temporary site will be available. 

“The Bootcamp will close for approximately four weeks from 24 December. We have to grow bigger to accommodate the demand after only just six months of opening. We are currently making plans to establish a temporary satellite gym.” 


For more information, call 325-1417 


  1. This is truly excellent news, given the state of violence in Caymanian…and world society at the moment.

    I’m happy to see that an independent source of true martial arts self-defense training now exists in Cayman, free from the political influence and interference of Cayman’s local martial arts clique.

    This clique is led by one of the major martial arts schools in Cayman that promote their own superiority over other, non-knowledgeable people and this is mainly for commercial purposes.

    This system of martial arts has never been proven on the battlefield or even in street self-defense combat on any regular basis but it has dominated the Cayman scene for far too long; these people are tournament fighting specialists and their self-defense program is so rudimentary as to be almost useless in real encounters.

    I have been involved in more than enough situations, both professionally and personally, to have a credible opinion and ran a martial arts organization in Cayman for 6 years that provided the only specialised self-defense training system in Cayman during that time, including seminars for and with the police and security personnell.

    Krav maga is a world-reknown and respected Israeli self-defense combat system, proven on the modern battlefields of the Israeli wars since 1948 until the present day and this is what the general public needs for their survival skills training.

    A good 10-week seminar program is enough to get anyone started in the right direction…and people who see the need will continue.

    I hope that the instructors will introduce some sort of fire-arms defense training into the program soon, as this is the biggest safety threat faced by the general public today.

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