No confidence vote pushed Bush out

Cayman Islands lawmakers voted 11-3 Tuesday afternoon in favour of a “no confidence” motion against the ruling government.

Premier McKeeva Bush abstained from voting on the motion.

For the first time since the so-called 2001 government “coup d’etat”, lawmakers have effectively removed the head of the current administration, Premier McKeeva Bush. Ironically, it was the 2001 change in government that vaulted Mr. Bush to power as Leader of Government Business.

However, by the end of the proceedings, it was still not clear whether Cayman would have a reconstituted government or if it would have to dissolve parliament and call for early elections.

At the start of the meeting around 3.30pm, Premier Bush and three members of his government – Minister Mike Adam, West Bay MLA Capt. Eugene Ebanks and George Town MLA Ellio Solomon, moved to the opposition benches.

Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin started the meeting by stating he was bringing the no confidence motion “with a heavy heart”.

“I am deeply saddened that we have come to this point,” he said. “I cannot say how disappointed I am that the premier has brought us to this point…the reality that faced with all of this, the premier will still cling … to the Office of Premier.”

“What has happened over the past week is certainly a breakdown that could have been avoided,” said Health Minister Mark Scotland during his debate on the no confidence motion.

No one else debated the motion before the house.


  1. I’m amazed to see Adams and Solomon vote against the motion and throw their political careers away standing on the wrong side of history. Captain Ebanks is trained to go down with the ship we couldn’t expect anything different. The Puppet Master pulled just three strings and was not enough to save him, times have truly changed. You got to love our FINANCIAl CRIMES UNIT they can move a mountain my heroes.

  2. I can’t believe that we have such hyprocites in the LA. Mr Bush was arrested, he has not been charged, convicted or sentenced?

    You all have short memories…you have been arrested, charged and went to Court.

    Well you can can enjoy this time in the LA now because if there is an election in May 2013 UDP members will not be returned to the LA, therefore PPM will take over again and God have mercy on this country and its people.

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