Online poll: Most support the Dart deal

More than 52 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll support the Dart deal absolutely or mostly and a total of 64 per cent support it at least a little. 

The Dart deal involves, among other things, the closure, capping and mitigation of the George Town landfill and creation of a public park at the current site; the creation of a new solid waste management facility in Bodden Town; the extension of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway from Raleigh Quay to Batabano Road; the widening and enhancement of the Seven Mile Public Beach and the creation of a new, smaller public beach farther north of it; the permanent closure of about 4,290 feet of West Bay Road; the renovation and expansion of the hotel formerly known as the Courtyard Marriott; and the swapping of several pieces of land between the government and the Dart Group. 

Of the 683 total respondents, the largest segment – 264 people or 38.6 per cent – said they absolutely supported the deal. 

“We should encourage the investment and confidence that a deal like this brings,” said one person. 

“Dart has proven time and again that he is a responsible developer who delivers on his promises and everything he does he does well,” said someone else. 

“Whoever moves that dump will get my vote,” said another person. 

“Someone has to do good for the Cayman Islands,” commented one respondent.  

“Like it or loathe it, Cayman is dead without it,” wrote another. 

“I love Dartians,” said someone else. 

Another 96 people – 14.1 per cent – said they mostly supported the deal.  

“You know that there’s a saying that we ought all to learn and I paraphrase … ‘Don’t judge my decisions as silly, stupid or corrupt. Rather ask the question, what were your options?’” commented one person. 

“I support it mostly from what I see taking place and the vast improvement to the infrastructure it’s providing,” said someone else. “However, I cannot say absolutely as I don’t have enough info to do so.”  

“While I strongly believe that the auditor general should ensure that we are receiving fair value, the benefits to be gained from this deal will only serve to have a positive impact on the country as a whole,” said another respondent. 

Seventy-seven people – 11.3 per cent – said they supported the deal a little bit, but none of those respondents left comments. 

A large segment of respondents – 199 people or 29.1 per cent – said they did not support the Dart deal at all. 

“We are giving the country away,” said one person. 

“Giving one company so much leeway with the government is not good,” said someone else. 

“It’s not all aspects of the deal (though some I don’t support) it’s the manner it is being made in,” said another person. “Put it all on the table and decide. Government policy should drive infrastructure decisions, not developers drive government infrastructure policy.” 

“Any country that allows itself to be bought places itself in such jeopardy of ruination,” commented another person. 

“Dart will take over,” said someone else. 

Forty-seven respondents – 6.9 per cent – responded “I don’t know” to the question. 

“I have never heard of ‘the Dart deal’ until just now,” commented one person. 

“We have not been given enough information to make a decision,” said someone else. “Too much of it is secret.” 

“All the facts aren’t on the table,” said another person. “How will public beach work for locals?” 

“It doesn’t make any difference; the deal goes on,” said one respondent. 


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