Saturday registration attracts 44

Absolute deadline is midnight 2 January

Registering officers gave people yet another chance to get on the voters list on Saturday and 36 individuals took advantage of the opportunity. 

Darlene Owens-Elliott and Kerry Nixon opened a station in the ground floor lobby of the Smith Road Centre, where the Elections Office is located, and said they were pleased with the response. 

Mrs. Owens-Elliott reported that, in addition to those registering to vote for the first time, eight other people came in to update their names, addresses or occupations as particularised on the official Register of Electors. 

Mrs. Nixon noted that a lot of the applicants were young people, some of whom were brought in by family members. 

The women worked from 10am to 4pm and the last person came in as they were preparing to pack up. Gary Ebanks explained that he was home in his yard when a friend reminded him that he needed to register, so he came over right away.  

“I know every vote counts,” he said. The last day to register is on 2 January, when the Elections Office will accept applications until midnight.  

“After that, it’s over,” Mrs. Nixon, cutting the air with her hands to emphasise that there will be no further opportunity to register for voting in the May general elections. 


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