When life gives you limes …

Three sixth-grade students from Montessori By The Sea took it upon themselves to establish a kiosk at the school to sell a uniquely refreshing drink and donate the proceeds to the Cayman Islands Humane Society. 

Elizabeth Jackson, Miralda Dzaghgouni and Monina Thompson set up a “limeonade” stand at the school during recess and students and faculty were able to purchase refreshing, thirst-quenching “limonade” as well as delicious and moist chocolate chip cookies. 

The three girls made the drink with 100 limes – not the traditional lemons – giving the drink its unique name. Two bags of sugar were added together with some sugar cubes, ice and water. 

During recess, children from all grades lined up to buy the “limonade” for 50 cents and the cookies for $1 apiece. After two hours, all the cookies were sold and $188 was raised.  

The next week, the three girls visited the Humane Society in George Town and donated the money to facility representative Tamar Wallace.  

“The Montessori By the Sea School is very proud of the girls who initiated the idea and gave up so much of their time and energy to help our fury friends,” said the school’s Andrea Roach. 


  1. congratulations to those thoughtful sixth-grade students who made a special effort to prepare the cookies and lemonade and donate the proceeds of sale to the Humane Society.

    It certainly is a splendid example of what students can do by giving of themselves and their time in order to help worthy causes.

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