Boddens ante up light display

The Bodden family has been offering the community a way to celebrate the Christmas holiday season for more than 30 years with elaborate lighting displays and animated life-sized figurines.  

This year, they raised the bar on their holiday lighting display by hiring Paul Smith, with Animated Lighting, to animate their lights to music. Three lighting displays in all were installed at Maxine and Maureen Bodden’s family home, as well as Vampt Motors and Home Gas.  

“It’s the ‘WOW!’ factor we’re going for in animating our lights to flash dramatically with the music. This year we have used red, white and blue lights in keeping with the 2012 as the year of the HM the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee,” Mr. Smith said. 

Each display features musical lighting tuned to separate frequencies at each installation. For the Bodden home at 389 South Church Street you can hear the music on a radio frequency of 93.1FM. For Vampt Motors it’s 92.1FM and for Home Gas tune into 97.9FM. 

“It is such a pleasure to see the delighted faces of the children when they see the lights flash to the music,” Ms Maxine Bodden said. “This is our way of giving back to our community by providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the colourful arrangements of lights and music.” 

The lighting show consists of three tunes in each location, which trigger the lights to flash in syncopation with the music. The lighting display lasts for 15 minutes at a time with a break in between the cycling of tunes. 


  1. While I have always enjoyed the lights that the Family of the late Captain Theo put up, more and more in the last few years the traffic situation has gotten worse and worse. Just a few nights ago, I was passing this area and the cars were lined up on both sides of what is already a VERY narrow roadway to begin with. This necessitated that cars have only lane down the middle of the street to pass in one direction. Drivers were forced to wait until a long line of traffic passed before trying to squeeze into a space and continue on, causing much frustration. Add to this mix children and sooner or later there is going to be a tragedy. In the midst of all of this aggravating and discourteous behavior, I wondered where on earth the police were that they could not detail someone to manage this awful traffic situation. And then much to my surprise, I got the answer. A MARKED RCIPS Chevy Tahoe SUV was parked off in a private yard a ways down and the police officer was sat inside. Way to go RCIPS…and you wonder why the public has no confidence in you…

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