New street lights 
at Cancer Society

The area surrounding the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, which was a victim of a burglary last month, is now better illuminated. 

Caribbean Utilities Company has installed two new overhead street lamps to keep the area lit throughout the night. 

“Because of the close proximity to both hospitals, our location, in front of the George Town hospital, this is the right place for our office,” said Jennifer Weber, operations manager of the Cancer Society, which is located on Maple Road in George Town. 

“In spite of the burglary, we know this is a wonderful community. We see it in the acts of the generous businesses and individuals who help us, help others every day. CUC’s quick response is one more tangible example of how fortunate we are to live in a community who really cares,” Ms Weber said. 

A burglar scaled the fence behind the Cancer Society office, jimmied open a window and broke in during the early hours of 11 December and stole between $400 and $500. The money had been raised by the local community, including the proceeds of the sale of Christmas cards made by students from St. Ignatius. Also stolen were food vouchers from Foster’s Food Fair IGA, which were earmarked for a cancer patient with financial needs. 

Local outrage over the break-in in the run-up to Christmas manifested in the charity receiving donations from individuals and groups to make up for the stolen money several times over.