Stuff! Happening! At Night! In the Day! In NYC! Whoop!

Weekender is getting commission from the people who make exclamation marks at the moment! So we’re excited to report on some awesome events!

Take this one! Sky Lounge First Class Experience at Jet! It starts at 8pm and goes on until about quarter to midnight, because our licensing laws are really amazing and we are happy that other people can tell us when to stop! Because we might turn into pumpkins otherwise! Nah true?

With Selecta Renegade and X-Ray, plus special guest DJs, they say it’s gonna be crazy and we believe them! Get your groove on to reggae, hip hop, RnB and house with that retro-throwback feel like parties used ta feel like, they say! Ya!

We’re going to stop with the exclamation marks now, due to an exclamation mark community charge being introduced, which has wiped out all of our earnings and made us want to leave the article forever, leading to fewer exclamations being spent in exclamation stores and impacting on the fluidity of punctuation movement within and without newspaper entertainments supplements.

Nonetheless, all is still groovy cause there’s a much calmer day to be had up at Serenity Day Spa in Treasure Island, where they’re putting on a Spa Party on Sunday, 13 January. Yes, you do still have to pay, but there’s some discounts and wine available. So, y’know. Whoop! Darn, that’s $20 gone. Ah well, it was worth it.

Finally, Weekender columnist Julian Gargiulo is playing the piano at the world-famous Carnegie Hall on Sunday, 13 January. So get up to NYC and give him support if you fancy a special trip. He’s a good lad, extremely funny and somewhat iconoclastic in a Seinfeld-y way, and worthy of many thousands of exclamation marks, which we would put up but just can’t afford to. Sorry! Damn. That’s $40 down.