Rum festival set to warm up waterfront

One of the Caribbean’s signature drinks is that good ol’ rum.

It’s always worth celebrating the good stuff, which the Margaritaville posse clearly agree with as they’re putting on a rum festival on the waterfront in front of the George Town restaurant and bar from 5 to 11pm on Friday, 18 January.

It’s billed as “the Cayman Islands’ largest gathering of rum drinkers, professionals and enthusiasts”, and states its aims as “the premier rum experience for rum drinkers, rum aficionados and rum lovers who have travelled to the tropics to sample the music, the food, the partying and people associated with drinking rum”.

The festival, it says, aims to teach participants about the diversity of the world’s favourite rums paired with the most delicious tapas.

Bad counting

Slightly worryingly, according to the info we have here, it promises “over eight rums to sip, savour and buy”. Over eight? What, like eight and a half? Eight and a quarter? What does this all mean? We’re confuzzled and we’ve not even started on the (over?) Seven Fathoms yet, damnit. Perhaps the extra mysterious additional bit-ette of rum is a secret. We just don’t know.

Still, each of these eight rums will have a booth in which a specific cocktail will be made with that rum, paired with something to eat.

Also promised is live music, cocktail demonstrations and a chance to win a trip to visit the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami this April.

The music comes from Backbeat Band.

The festival costs $15 and that includes a special Rum Festival Souvenir Cup plus a sample of each cocktail paired with food from the booths. All eight of them.