Oleta leads All Star past Ultra

A new rivalry is brewing in local dominoes.

Newcomers Ultra came into the Cayman Islands Domino Association 2012-2013 national league intent on take down reigning champions East End Mystical Youth. Along the way, Ultra were hoping to destroy Island All Star.

All Star would dampen those dreams last Sunday, beating Ultra by 35 points. There were no individual star players for either team as both squads relied on a team effort.

All Star incorporated newcomers with its veteran core, featuring the likes of Oleta Elliott and Dwight Moss, to take down an Ultra side that pulled players from the league’s top sides like DLK, Archies and East End with All Star defectors like Carlos Whittaker and Luis Hernandez in the mix.

Last Sunday also saw East End crushing Sea Inn by 72 points. The star players for Sea Inn were Richard Jackson and Michael Tibbetts and the stars for Mystical Youth were Foster McLean and Perry Ebanks. Kellys would defeat Roti by three points, with Chris Powell and Roger Ebanks leading Kellys. It was a team effort on Roti’s part.

There will be no matches this holiday weekend. The next set of matches will take place on Sunday, 3 February. Archies will battle Ultra 
at Archies Bar in George Town and Eastern Star faces Kellys at Eastern Star Bar in East End.