Affinity recruitment Learning to Work

Skills development and further training is all too often geared towards those who are already in gainful employment.

Many young people are out of work, however, and in order for them to join the work force and start climbing the career ladder, getting that first job is the main issue. Young people need to learn to work.

There was a time when young people were beginning to work at far too young an age, and as a result missing out on their education. Now the situation has come full circle and there are young people who have received a full education but have never had a job. So how do we transition our young people from the classroom to the workforce?

Studies have shown that the problem is not a lack of numeracy or literacy skills, but a lack of work experience and general life experience.

Internships and work experience placement are one way that young people can develop the skills and experience they will need. Such placements can be beneficial to both the students and the employer. Young people are given exposure to the workplace and an insight into some of the jobs and industries that exist.

This increases their skills, knowledge and confidence. They learn how the recruitment process works and the skills that are needed for certain jobs. Employers benefit through the access it gives them to young talent, motivates the staff and raises their profile as an employer.

Transitioning from the classroom to the workforce and applying the knowledge you have gained in a real world context is not always easy.  As a result, we have seen that many of our young people are requiring more support to prepare them for the working world. 

Both educators and employers need to develop sustainable routes into employment.  Providing access through work-based learning, vocational education and training will help our young Caymanians navigate through today’s employment market.

We at Affinity are committed to giving back to our beloved Cayman community and understand the importance of investing in our young people.  We also understand that education is not just about obtaining a university degree. 

There are many young people who are seeking careers in a vocational or technical field and we want to support those young Caymanians in their dreams. As a result, in 2013 Affinity Recruitment will be offering a scholarship to help further their training. More details on how to apply will be provided in the coming months. Investing today for a brighter future tomorrow.