Butterfield an industry training leader

The proper training and cross-training of employees is vital to the success of any company, whether it be a five-star hotel or an international bank. Butterfield has always recognised the benefit of not only providing training to staff members joining its ranks, but also offering ongoing courses and programmes to those members, allowing them to grow and be promoted within the company.

Through online courses and classroom workshops, Butterfield has created a workforce that is experienced and versatile and therefore able to offer the high level of customer service its clients have come to expect.

Organisational development
This is a group-wide function in Butterfield’s five locations: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Guernsey and the UK. In the past, training was mainly limited to each jurisdiction rather than throughout Butterfield Group, but in the last year the company has expanded its programme so that there is much more interactive training and cooperation between the jurisdictions.

This has opened up new and exciting opportunities for staff in all the international branches and has strengthened the consistency of Butterfield’s product.

Talent development
Talent development at Butterfield focuses on its Core Competencies: Communication, Decision Making, Contributing to Team Success, Managing Work, Customer Excellence and Continuous Learning. Its Leadership programmes focus on Building Successful Teams, Leading through Vision and Values and Building Partnerships

Training portals
Butterfield provides training through a number of different methods. Each has a proven track record, and enables employees to either train at their own pace, be mentored by those with more experience, or attend larger group courses.

Employees in all jurisdictions have 24 x 365 access to elearning courses through Butterfield’s [email protected] portal. Although the expectation exists for staff members to complete a certain amount of development each year, they are also encouraged to go beyond these parameters and engage in further study. Such initiative is often rewarded with faster advancement through the company structure.

The Cayman Butterfield Learning Centre features two state-of-the-art classrooms complete with SmartBoards and audio/video equipment. The larger classroom holds 70 people, and is used by in-house instructors, instructors from other jurisdictions and international consultants.

This facility is also used by the C.I. Bankers Association due to the space, setup and technology it offers.

The smaller classroom is fitted with 12 networked laptops, enabling employees to experience hands-on training in the various Butterfield computer systems. This is the perfect environment for blended programmes and for those who wish to learn at their own pace.

Employees also receive training on the job by being mentored and coached by more experienced staff members, including skills transference when applicable.

Versatility through cross-training

The benefits of Butterfield cross-training its employees are multi-fold:

  • It allows employees to see how the bank operates as a whole, rather than just in their section. Having a wider view of how other departments run and are linked into their own aids in understanding the flow of work and information throughout the organisation.
  • It gives employees an opportunity to see whether they would be better suited working in a different section of the company, and if so, what skills they need to obtain to transfer there.
  • It provides a team of relief workers to cover vacation and sick leave absences.
  • It enables employees from the other jurisdictions to experience the operations at Butterfield’s key locations, giving them a different perspective. For example, Cayman regularly hosts staff from the Bermuda office, and vice versa.

Cross-training has proven itself time and time again, and beyond the benefits above, improves the understanding that employees have for each other’s jobs.

Butterfield gives back to the community

Butterfield supports student learning and the development of its employees in partnership with local schools through programmes such as Junior Achievement, the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre student programme and work experience programmes. At present there are over 10 students that work as interns at the company for one or two days a week and they will continue this schedule for a year.

The Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship, which began in 1993 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Butterfield  in the Cayman Islands,  is a programme that ensures financial support and further educational development within the local community. 

This annual scholarship is awarded  to an exceptional student who demonstrates strong academic ability, community involvement, proven leadership qualities and a guaranteed offer from a competitive university.

The Scholarship supports the recipient for four years of study with up to US$30,000 awarded per year and is available for any course of study that will benefit the Cayman Islands.  Past recipients are now teachers, engineers, lawyers, architects and dentists who are all excelling in their chosen profession within the Cayman community. 

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