Effectively Managing Workplace Tension

Workplace development is not only about creating shared vision, developing leadership skills and providing rewards. Though these are important components for motivating employees, effectively managing tensions within the workplace is just as important.

Workplace conflict can be defined as a condition between employees who feel angry, who perceive co-workers of being at fault and who act in ways that cause a business problems.

Organisations cannot ignore such interpersonal tensions that, if not resolved, could easily result in poor productivity, low morale, damaged relationships, increased absenteeism, extended medical leaves, potential sabotage, and reduced retention.

Most organisations recognise that conflict exists and understand the dangers employee conflict can pose for an organisation. But managers often struggle with finding the best way to deal with conflict.

One effective way of tackling conflict in the workplace is through mediation. The overall aim of workplace mediation is to restore working relationships when conflict has caused them to break down. Mediation is a highly successful process where a neutral third party helps individuals in dispute find a solution that is acceptable to everyone.

The purpose of mediation is to look past blame and fault in order to better see a resolution and way forward that works both for the employees involved in the dispute and the organisation.

Not only is mediation an effective method of resolving disputes, but it will likely have far-reaching positive effects on your organisation. It is a tool for promoting employee engagement, transforming organisational cultures and building high-performance organisations.

Through our mediation and facilitation department, Solutions Ltd. offers the following services to our clients:

  • Mediation certification training for managers, team leaders and HR professionals.
  • Independent mediation of interpersonal disputes that may arise from time to time between individuals or within a team.
  • Assistance in developing procedures to anticipate and systematically manage tensions that are likely to emerge in the workplace.
  • Consultation with senior directors, executives, and HR managers on effective ways of identifying and managing internal and external conflicts.
  • Facilitation of team-based planning and change initiatives to insure inevitable tensions are managed effectively.
  • Conflict management skills training for managers and appropriate staff.

If you would like additional information on workplace mediation or any of our other services, please contact Solutions Ltd. for a free consultation. 

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