Former premier urges jobs for youth

Speaking mainly to the young people of the Cayman Islands, deposed former Premier McKeeva Bush urged the territory to provide opportunities to the next generation during a National Heroes Day address broadcast Monday.  

“We must ensure that jobs are available for them to aspire to, and that means a strong economy which means viable projects in our islands and the support for investors – foreign and local,” Mr. Bush said during the address Monday on Radio Cayman.  

The former premier, who has made few public statements since he was removed from office following an 18 December “no-confidence” vote in the Legislative Assembly, made some references to “naysayers” in his brief address. But mainly he urged young people to remain confident and uphold their values.  

“We trust that our youth will have the good sense to understand that it is doubt and uncertainty, purposelessness and confusion of values which unnerves and undermines us,” Mr. Bush said. “There are those who are always naysayers and doubters and in this life will always find some way to accuse, point fingers and raise doubt. Know in building a nation, it is most probable that no plan we propose would be supported by all and so for me as a leader to offer any young person what I myself cannot support … how could I afterwards defend it.”  

Mr. Bush also sought to prepare the younger generation for harder economic times ahead – harder, he said, than many in his own generation had known.  

“Perhaps we have all lived the easy way and now must prepare you for the battle of a harder way,” he said. “The world has changed. We must think of what future we are building for our children, or better still, what future together the youth of these islands will building with us. 

“Build we must, and jobs must be prepared for this generation and the next,” he added. “For every good that we must preserve, we may have to sacrifice some comfort and ease. There is nothing for nothing any longer. Sometimes we must give up something we hold dear.” Mr. Bush, who was leader of government business when the inaugural Heroes Day kicked off in 2003, also urged the younger generation to be proud of what the Cayman Islands has achieved.  

“God has been good to all of us,” he said. “Be watchful of the evils around you, but be proud of the things that have been built here, the standard of living, tested though we are now. Give thanks for our heritage and be proud of our islands.” 

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  1. 400 caymanian children graduate every year JOBS JOBS???now or later after further education were will they find a job ? will cayman become another exporter of its citizens?

  2. Former premier Bush has always looked out for his people, that is why he was taken down by outsiders who want to take over and run this country their way. The biggest fool in Cayman saw that.
    Helping the young people to have jobs will keep them from robbing your business places. Every man has to eat. So if there is no food on the table what do you think will hapen. So I would suggest that we read and understand the statement of the Former Premier concerning jobs for our youth. It is very important for peace and stability.

  3. Our worst and first Premier has a lot to say about a great many things. If he only practiced what he preached. Take for example the waste and abuse on his travel. Many children could be hired for the summer if he didn’t waste the money in his foolish travel chasing millionaires all over the globe. Or the Turtle Farm that waste millions way back when. Just those to things and there are hundreds more this man needs to stop talking junk. Next he will say we need to bring in Bubble Boy and Octomom to spice up our tourism. Look where it has landed him. Can we move on with relevent wisdom from someone that counts?

  4. My comment is aimed at Caymanian Compass. Why do you refer to McKeeva Bush as Former premier rather than Deposed former premier or MLA McKeeva Bush or just Mr. McKeeva Bush? A premier removed in disgrace does not rate being referred to as Former premier without the adjective deposed or disgraced. As a news organization you should be aware that how you represent Mr. Bush in any article influences your readers. You must be objective and not show any favoritism or respect not due.

  5. Mr Rolston Anglin I would suggest in your capacity, that you take a second look at Caymanians getting jobs. Your department is not doing enough to see that Caymanians are given work. Yet instead you allow foreign people to do jobs that Caymanians can do. Do you really think that we do not know what is happening? As a matter of fact I would suggest that the new Five 0 government begin early cleaning up some mess that they made, because election in stepping up and people are counting the days. Same time McKeva Bush is regrouping. Cayman people is not going to turn against McKeva, for the simple reason they now miss the good that he was.

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