Online poll: Most want university loans funded

The majority of respondents to last week’s online poll think the government should only provide or guarantee loans to attend university for students whose families earn under specified income levels and who meet certain academic standards. 

Of the 606 total respondents, 352 people – 58.1 per cent – said government should only provide/guarantee student loans to those who qualify under specified family income levels and academic standards. 

“It’s time to end the entitlement social welfare system that seems to dole out money even to rich kids,” said one person. “Cayman can simply not afford it. Give qualified students access to government guaranteed loans, but don’t just give them money for being Caymanian. I don’t know of any other country in the world that provides what Cayman provides to young people. It’s no wonder Cayman is broke.” 

“Something is morally wrong with the system,” said someone else. “We cannot afford that anymore.”  

“You want to know why some Caymanians feel entitled to everything?” asked another person. “It’s because the government gives them everything. It’s time to start letting people succeed or not on their own merits.” 

Another large segment of respondents – 183 people or 30.2 per cent – said the government should fund university/college scholarships for any Caymanian who meets a defined high academic standard. 

“There should be a way to prioritise funding,” said one person. “Students with high academic standards, but whose families have limited income should be given first priority.” 

“In all fairness to our kids, regardless of financial status, it should be merit based,” said someone else. “Otherwise, let’s face it; we are sending the wrong message to the future of Cayman. That wrong message is once you don’t have money – government will take care of you, so you don’t have to aspire to do much since they will take care of you.”  

“Student loans are only good if there are jobs for returning graduates,” said another person. “Without jobs there is no money to repay student loans.” 

Another 36 people – 5.9 per cent – said government should only fund scholarships to students whose family earns less than a certain amount and 24 respondents – 4.0 per cent – said government should fund a scholarship for any Caymanian who wants one. None of the people who chose these answers left comments. 

Eleven people – 1.8 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

“It depends on whether you are referring to scholarships given by the ministry which are audited and have a limit of $20,000 per year or those given by the so called Nation Building Fund which are not,” said one person. 

“None,” said another person. “This shouldn’t be a Nanny State. It shouldn’t be up to the rest of us to put your children through school.” 

“Only for families who clearly can’t afford it and students who have C- and above,” said someone else. 

“Consider academic standard, family income and the needs of the country,” said one person. “Pay for air conditioning technicians and auto mechanics if Cayman needs them.” 

“Why did Caymanian Compass fail to offer a ‘no one’ category?” said another person. “Is this an attempt to renormalise an issue by the paper?” 

“There should be both need based and merit based scholarships,” 
said someone else. 


Next week’s poll question 

Do you support eliminating Cayman’s “rollover” policy entirely?  

Yes, it has utterly failed 

Yes, but eliminate the path to citizenship, too 

No, but extend the term limit to 10 years and let all who wish apply for PR 

No, don’t make any changes 

Other (write in comments) 


  1. If the editor was seeking an objective poll response to the question of government provided education loans, the editor did not succeed. The choice for NO government funding was absent. Your poll assumed ALL respondents would have at least some degree of support for government education loans. Unless an objective poll is not the goal, perhaps the editor will, in the future, create more fair and objective responses.

  2. Yes I totally agree that…the government should only provide or guarantee loans to attend university for students whose families earn under specified income levels and who meet certain academic standards.

    There are scholars currently studing overseas who attend all their classes, maintain above GPA average, and yet they are still not receiving any funding from The Education Council or YNBP.

    I personally know of scholars who attend all their classes and have to work part-time to be able to put food on their tables, and are still able to maintain the required academic standards.

    I guess this is all because of who you fa, and who you know.

    Scholars keep your heads held high, you have set your goals for yourselves and you are achieving them.

  3. How are Caymanians supposed to compete with people coming from overseas. If the government can’t at least give them loans in order to go to school.

    Lets give them a chance as long as they graduate from high school.

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