Civil service trim welcomed

It is welcome news that government is finally dead serious about trimming the civil service.

The efforts in this down sizing campaign dubbed “Project 1” got off to an auspicious start with the addition to government of a new four member panel to review, study, evaluate, report and make recommendations.

Fortuitously another significant undertaking concurrent with this down sizing initiative is the constitutionally mandated creation of two new ministries within government and the augmentation of the Legislative Assembly with three more legislators.

As everyone knows, down sizing requires tremendous effort, manpower and the allocation of significant resources to accomplish. The availability of two new ministries and their respective ministers could not come at a more opportune time and I would suggest to Mr. Duncan Taylor that he can create great synergy by assigning these two new ministries the singular responsibility for Project 1. And by entitling one ministry the Ministry of Government Downsizing and the other the Ministry of Government Downsizing Too there will be no doubt as to the expectations for these ministries and further reinforce to the public the import Government places on the down sizing initiative.

I would expect that in order to carry out the functions required for the down sizing programme at the normal and customary level of government efficiency, several hundred staff will be required in each new ministry along with the appropriate support infrastructure, office accommodations etc.

In addition, given the highly technical and complex nature of down sizing, outside expert consultants will be needed to assist the Ministry of Government Downsizing and the Ministry of Government Downsizing Too with Project 1. The opportunity for down sizing is rare and government cannot afford to get it wrong now, so no expense should be spared for this exercise.

Of course given the very sensitive nature of down sizing The Ministry of Government Downsizing and the Ministry of Government Downsizing Too would operate completely independently of one another with each not knowing at all what the other is doing in regards to Project 1. One may recognise that this is of course a radical departure from how government ministries usually operate but necessary in order to maintain the mandated safeguards for civil servants against targeted interference and intimidation from any single political quarter.

I applaud government for undertaking this down sizing initiative and urge it to swiftly act to provide the necessary resources needed by the new panel. Proceed with all haste to create, fully staff and accommodate the two new ministries and assign them the task of down sizing so that this critical effort, Project 1, can get under way and up to speed without delay.

Gregory S. McTaggart


  1. Its Ok to trim anything. Just know that you trim off the dried leaves to keep the tree alive.
    Trim expats and keep Caymanians employed is quite ok. Its the right thing to do.

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