Cayman wedding planner wows special events show

The wedding and events industry is very interested in the Cayman Islands. 

That’s the news from Joanne Brown of Celebrations. The wedding planner recently returned from the Special Events Show in Chicago, a high-profile event bringing together the movers and shakers of the event industry. 

“We got feedback from persons from all over the world, and of course the US, with particular reference to event producers and planners who are just very eager to find out more about what the Cayman Islands is all about, what we have to offer,” said Ms Brown, who held a presentation for delegates at the event. 

“The special event conference this year was exceedingly vibrant with many trends showing such positive growth over the past year and the indications going forward to the strength of the incentive travel market and, of course, not to mention, the destination wedding market,” she added. “It was a very rewarding experience to be in front of the cream of the crop of special event industry professionals, who come from all backgrounds and fields within the industry and also from across the world.” 


Come and see us 

Ms Brown said wedding planners were interested in what was available for luxury weddings and what properties had to offer, whilst incentive planners wanted to come and see what is available in Cayman. 

“[This is because they] cannot believe a small Caribbean island has the depth and breadth of services coupled with world class production company that can produce and fulfil events such as some that were shown during my presentation,” she said. “The market is vibrant and rebounding from the recession, and perfect for Cayman to take its position, as the luxury event and wedding destination for the Caribbean Region.  

“It means we have the opportunity to truly grow these markets and really be known as the best there is in the entire region and globally,” Ms Brown said. “We must invest as a country in marketing ourselves for the strengths that we have. Our biggest challenge is getting our message out, not to the masses, but the niche markets “ 

She said the conference had instilled a new insight into the “enormous potential” of Cayman if the nation and government can come together to develop further the infrastructure, high quality of service and professional services within the industry. 

“This market should be ours to make as much as we want it to be; and without question, there is room for growth,” Ms Brown said. 

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