Formula 1 fans driven back to Lone Star for early pit stop

The Formula 1 season resumes in Australia this week and the Fans of Formula 1 in the Cayman Islands will return to an old venue to watch races. 

Danny Roach, chief organiser of the club, said: “Many people have been asking about where we would be gathering to watch the 2013 Formula 1 season and many have been involved in seeking out a suitable venue. 

“After much effort and negotiating we have decided on going back to the Lone Star Bar & Grill on West Bay Road, where we watched the 2011 season,” he added. “Lone Star has new kitchen and management staff and is very enthusiastic about having our group return there.” 

The first race is in Melbourne on Sunday 17 March at the regular viewing time of 9am.  

The races are generally not live, but in the spirit of the club, everyone watches without first looking up the race outcome.  

There are free raffle prizes given out to all watching. Andreas “Zulu” Kettner, Cayman’s Red Bull distributor, wants Sebastian Vettel to win the drivers’ championship for a fourth straight time. 

Roach is a Ferrari fan, so hopes Fernando Alonso can regain the title he won in 2005 and 2006 and came so close last season to winning.  

Roach added: “All races will be viewed at the regular time of 9am on race Sundays, with the exceptions of the Montreal, Austin and Sao Paulo Grand Prix, which we will view live, with individual times to be announced on our Facebook page, ‘Formula 1 Fans of the Cayman Islands’, which I encourage all of you to join.” 

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