Civil servants support charity

Cayman Islands civil servants turned out in force on 28 March to support non-discrimination efforts spearheaded by Rotaract Blue’s Open Arms Programme, donating more than $1,100 toward the organisation’s latest initiative.

More than 200 public sector workers took part in a dress down day designed to fight discrimination against those with disabilities and to help integrate them into the greater community. The Open Arms Programme also aims to support and recognise people caring for the disabled.

Companies participated by wearing different colours, specifically associated with a given disorder. For the remaining months of the initiative, and according to international standards, grey will be used to represent dyslexia [April] and teal will be worn to recognise obsessive compulsive disorder [May]. Purple was used in March to represent attention deficit disorder.

The civil service, the first organisation to participate in the programme, donated $1,135 to support the fight against attention deficit disorder in March. The Ministry of Finance had the largest number of participants, with 46 staff taking part.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who oversees the Cayman Islands civil service, said, “On behalf of the entire civil service, I commend Rotaract Blue on their efforts within the Open Arms Programme and I am pleased that we were able to support persons living with disorders through this initiative. I wish to thank the many civil servants who participated in this dress down day. I look forward to the civil service participating in similar initiatives in the future, as we work towards becoming a more community-minded civil service.”

Rotaract Blue Club President Jacqueline Golding-McDonald said, “Assisting the community is at the heart of Rotaract Blue’s operations. We are confident that this effort by the civil service will enhance community awareness of this disability and help to strengthen the Open Arms Programme.”

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