How to succeed in business and in life

Global Compliance Solutions is partnering with organisational consultant, author and psychologist Bill Crawford to host a leadership workshop for managers and supervisors in all industries across the Cayman Islands. 

The seminar will drill down into the skills that all leaders must master, which include engaging others, reducing stress, and a step-by-step system for accessing your clarity, confidence and creativity, regardless of the situation. 

Everyone has experienced the stress and frustration of trying to deal with a difficult situation or a difficult person without success. The result is often increased stress and resentment, which can colour the rest of our day, and affect how we deal with everyone and everything. In addition, the difficult person becomes even more resistant to our ideas in the future.  

In the full-day seminar, Mr. Crawford will introduce new information on why these situations are so common, and why much of the advice on how to deal with stress and difficult people will never work. Using humour, common language and common sense, he will lay out a step-by-step system for accessing your clarity, confidence and creativity, regardless of the situation, and engaging others in such a way that they stop resisting you.  

Delegates will learn how the incorrect information we have been given about stress and difficult people has kept us from being successful in these areas. They will also learn how the interpersonal skills and problem solving skills we need to succeed actually come from a specific part of the brain; the four questions one can ask oneself to access this part of the brain regardless the situation; and how to find the key to the difficult people’s cooperation, which will allow them to understand what you want them to know. 

Participants will receive lunch, a detailed informational manual, an autographed copy of Mr. Crawford’s new hardcover book, and unlimited, free access to his coaching via email for a full year. 

The course will take place on Monday, 22 April at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort from 9am to 4pm. 


For details, contact Contact Global Compliance Solutions at [email protected] 

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