Williams is digitally aware

Prostate cancer is no laughing matter but somehow comedian Damon Williams can make even that worrying topic have you bellowing with laughter. 

Men going for the dreaded prostate cancer test involving digital examination in a delicate place is a sketch that Williams has crafted superbly. Yet the serious message still comes across inter-meshed with the gags.  

Williams is a regular performer on the monthly Laughter Lounge shows at the Great Room in the Strand and last weekend he doubled up with equally funny Alex Ortiz, who returned a year after his debut for another hilarious night of rat-ta-tat humour.  

Williams has not been around for a while, but he is such a regular here that he feels comfortable ribbing us about Cayman culture such as the arcane alcohol licensing laws that prevent drinking from Saturday midnight for 24 hours. “You party till Saturday midnight, stop, go to church and then one minute after midnight Sunday you all are partying again,” he quips. 

Catholics and all their genuflecting get the Williams treatment too and, of course, the fearlessness of chickens roaming outside places like KFC and Chicken! Chicken! 

Many black people are lactose intolerant. Williams has his own take on that, too. 

UBS employees had a strong presence on Friday night and he delighted in poking fun at them. A UBS boss got a fair amount of ribbing. She was with her husband, who also works with her. That led to an endless stream of teasing.  

Ortiz has a fine line in mimicking cartoon characters in adult situations, family life and many things sexual, which complimented Williams superbly. 

Two more fine shows by Laughter Lounge promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts. No wonder some NFL players came down for the weekend and enjoyed a boat cruise on the Sunday afternoon before heading home to chillier climes. At least their souls were warmed, as well as their bodies.  

Roll on the May nights. 


Damon Williams lit up the Laughter Lounge again.

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