A different approach to Corporate Wellness

Anytime Fitness encourages office based workers to live a pain free active lifestyle.

The AFOUNDATION program covers a series of exercises based on correcting and integrating the muscular chains of the body via repetition.

Teaching and correcting postural alignment during seated, standing and transitional activities-in a nutshell retraining our bodies how to move!

During the programme, Anytime Fitness coaches will visit the company’s offices to carry out an initial movement assessment of employees at their workstation.

The following session in the gym will then be based around correcting, strengthening and perfecting the techniques with a fun and functional training workout experience.

“Office workers often complain of chronic back pain, sciatica, neck strain, migraines and other common complaints on a daily basis, even though they may have the latest ergonomic chairs and wireless mouse at each workstation,” Christine Connor, co-owner of Anytime Fitness, says.

“It’s often the case that they are simply moving wrong and probably have done for the past 10, 20 or 30 years.

“Rebuilding a sound foundation is essential because our modern lifestyles leave most of our muscles weak and imbalanced,” Christine adds.

“As trainers we see this day in day out during a new member’s initial movement screen assessment, and are then able to teach them how to move more safely and efficiently whilst working out in the gym but what happens-they fall back into bad habits once they reach the office.”

All coaches at Anytime Fitness have more than 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry and practice a lifestyle designed for longevity.

“Our mission at Anytime Fitness is to educate people on how to thrive through a pain free active lifestyle,” Christine says.

“Employees are educated and encouraged to improve their everyday habits which have led to an increase in health issues and chronic pain and teach them techniques to recognise the signs our bodies are signaling. Their workouts will be more efficient, energy and productivity levels increase, and their healthcare spending will decrease .


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