AFFINITY: Your partner in recruitment

A business is only as good as the staff it employs. That is as true of large corporations as it is of small businesses.

Finding the right people for the job however, can be like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Affinity does the hard work for you, sifting through the hundreds of possible candidates to present the clients with a short list of only the most suitable and relevant candidates for consideration.

Because all potential job seekers have been through a rigorous selection process before they ever reach a short list, employers are assured they will not waste precious time reviewing applications from, or interviewing, candidates that are not suitably qualified.

Affinity conducts thorough screenings of candidates on their books that includes assessments, interviews, and reference verification.

Affinity can help fill any vacancy, whether it is for temporary support staff, to cover sick or maternity leave, recruiting for special projects or filling a long-term position.

Small businesses sometimes do not have the financial resources, or indeed the workload, to justify taking on an additional employee on a permanent basis. Contracting temporary support staff can be a cost effective solution when you need an extra pair of hands to get you through a busy period.

Temporary staff can be contracted out at an hourly rate for an assigned period.  All charges are agreed in writing in advance of each assignment so employers know exactly where they stand.

Affinity can tailor their services to suit each client’s needs, however, and if it is a long term appointment you wish to make, they are there to assist. Affinity can take care of the entire recruitment process, from advertising and screening selection, to contract negotiation and if necessary work permit processing. Alternatively they can provide just one, or several of these services, individually or collectively according to client specification.

Small businesses can also take advantage of Affinity’s payroll outsourcing service. For those without a bookkeeper or payroll specialist on staff, Affinity can manage the company’s payroll including benefits, pension and health insurance contributions, ensuring that all staff members get paid on time.

In every service offered by Affinity, the aim is the same: to free up owners and managers from routine Human Resources tasks, so that they can concentrate instead making their business run smoothly and efficiently.


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