Business-Minded Leadership… With A Heart For Cayman

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Business-minded leadership with a heart for Cayman

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Roy McTaggart has, for the entire span of his professional career, fostered the respect and admiration from both his peers as well as successive Government administrations.

Rising to the top of his profession as Managing Partner of KPMG Cayman, he always held a team approach to solving difficult problems. His lifelong mission and indeed, his corporate culture was to root out any improprieties in private sector businesses while offering advice on cost saving measures, sustainability and sound business principles.

“I grew up in the Crewe Road area of George Town and I’m the second of four sons of Bill (“Uncle Bill”) and Carlene McTaggart. I’m married and have three beautiful daughters, all of whom make Cayman their home. I attended high school at the then Cayman Islands High School and after completing my “A” levels, went on to university in Florida.

“After qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant, I joined the Treasury Department of the Cayman Islands Government prior to entering the private sector. I quickly recognized that an education was only part of the recipe for success and that ethics, hard work, team spirit and leadership qualities were equally as important if I were to reach the top.

“I’m often asked, ‘Why do you want to run?’ My reply has been that it has never about want…it’s about need. As colleagues and friends began asking me to run, saying that my unique skill set and experiences are exactly what Cayman needs, I realized that I was just hearing aloud what my heart had been telling me for some time.

“If we are to rein in Government spending we will have to look at new efficiencies and collections as the obvious starting point. I also recognize that successive Governments, under both parties, have not been truthful about certain cause and effect issues that affect our people. Transparency is not just about revealing information after the fact…it must also explain where Government has gone wrong and that sometimes blame lies within.

“The question that is often posed ‘Who are we developing for?’ should be scrutinized closely, as development should be good for a country…it provides jobs, infrastructure, better policing and better healthcare…maybe the question we need to be asking is, ‘Who is your Government for?’

“Cayman has reached a critical point in its history. Never before have we experienced such overwhelming Government debt, wastefulness, unemployment and cost of living increases. There are many layers to the respective issues and successive Governments have failed to address them.

We need independent candidates who have been successful in the private sector to bring balance back to Government and get rid of career politicians who place self ahead of country.




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