Fiderus “Go Green” IT Tips

Go green to save green. Use these 10 tips to protect the environment and reduce your IT costs at the same time!

Do you really need to print that document? If so, try printing on both sides of the paper. Reducing printing by 100 pages per day can save $2500 annually (*assumes mix of color and B&W at 7 cents per page).

It costs over $9000 to power 100 desktop computers for a year. Shut down your PC each night and when you’re not using it to maximize your savings. (source:,

Can’t shut your computer down? Take advantage of the power-saving features of the Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Is it time to replace that clunky desktop at home that’s only storing your E-mail, documents, and pictures? Consider an iPad or Android Tablet, which have free cloud backup Apps to keep your E-mail and documents safe. (,

Each server that’s running in your IT room can cost $500-$1000 in electricity alone per year. Moving 5 old servers to 1 virtualized server can save up to $4000 annually. (

A Remote Desktop solution, like Terminal Services or Citrix can save unnecessary trips to the office.

Videoconferencing is one way to communicate with coworkers, clients and other collaborators instead of travelling long distances. Save your air miles for vacation. There are low cost solutions like Skype, face time, WebEx, and Goto Meeting. Did you know some TV manufacturer’s now have Skype and cameras built into their Smart TVs?

If you don’t need a terabyte hard drive to store your E-mails, documents, or media files, consider a 128 gigabyte Solid State hard drive instead for a greener and faster solution for about the same price.

Thin clients are making a comeback, and now they integrate with the cloud! Run your critical applications using 1/8 the power of conventional desktop. (

Appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity level in your data centre can save up to 30% on your operational cost (Source: IEEE).
A one degree change in temperature can save you 4%

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