First Response

Google is currently designing a driverless car, a car that will take the responsibility of driving away from individuals and into the hands of a central processing unit (cpu).

There are currently three American States that allow the testing of driverless vehicles on public roads, indicating that a change in driving technology may not be that far away. Through this new technology it is hoped that fewer accidents will occur, mainly through the removal of the one variable that cannot be controlled -human beings.

Until that time the responsibility of driving will remain with individuals and the risk of an accident remains the same. Many drivers are probably unfamiliar with the trauma and financial loss a vehicular accident may cause.

Aside from physical harm which in itself can be overwhelming, there are various resulting events which can be difficult to manage: the process of having the vehicle repaired, obtaining damage estimates, filing the insurance claim, obtaining a rental car to name a few. This process can be time consuming and highly inconvenient.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you have access to a service that manages all of those aspects of an accident? First Response is an accident scene assistance program offered by Cayman First Insurance

Company. It is offered to its insured customers who carry comprehensive insurance and guarantees prompt and professional road side assistance following an accident and manages all aspects of your claim quickly and efficiently.

Our Guarantee means that if we are unable to process your claim within one business day, we will reduce your deductible. In addition, your deductible will be reduced simply by using the service and all aspects of the claims will be managed starting from the scene of the accident.

While the responsibility of driving still remains with you, rely on Cayman First Insurance Company to take care of you and the additional responsibilities that follow an accident.


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