Pledge to Recycle


Tania Johnson
Public Education Officer
T:    (345) 743-5952 / 949-6696
E:    [email protected] 

As citizens of Planet Earth, we are all responsible for the health of the environment. Saving the planet may be a momentous task, but making a few simple changes to one’s day to day habits now could be enough to safeguard the future of the environment.

Reducing consumption of water, fuel and electricity and choosing goods with recyclable or biodegradable packaging will all have a cumulative impact.

Here in Cayman the sight of the George Town landfill is a daily reminder of the problem of waste disposal. Each of us can, however, reduce the amount of waste that is added to the landfill every day by recycling wherever possible.

This Earth Day, the Department of Environment Health (DEH) challenges all residents to show their commitment to the environment by pledging to recycle.

Aluminium cans, batteries (both lead acid and household), used motor oil, used cooking oil, scrap metals and natural Christmas trees (in January) are all accepted by DEH for recycling.

By recycling certain natural resources will be preserved, less waste will mean less pollution, the volume of waste going to the landfill is reduced, and energy is conserved.

Just think: recycling a single aluminium can will save enough energy to run a TV for three hours. This saving is equivalent to half a gallon of gasoline. So rather than throwing out the empty coke or sprite can, drop it into one of the many blue aluminium can collection bins.

The DEH has collection bins for aluminium cans only at: 

  • Foster’s Supermarkets at West Bay, the Strand, Airport Centre and Countryside
  • Kirk Market & Hurley’s Supermarkets, West Bay Rd Condos, North Side Civic Centre
  • All primary schools in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.
  • All other recyclables can be dropped off at the DEH landfills in George Town, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.


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