Tips to save money on groceries

At home 

Plan meals and look at recipes. 

Check refrigerator and cabinets for food on hand. 

Check the newspaper (please) for grocery specials and coupons. 

Keep a list of food and supplies that need to be replaced. 

Eat before you shop to prevent impulse buying. 

At the store 

Stick to the shopping list. 

Shop at a store where you know the locations and usual prices of foods. 

Read labels and compare prices. 

Compare brands and forms of food (i.e. canned versus whole tomatoes). 

Buy only what you can store and use before it spoils – check expiration dates. 

Shop at the edges of the store first, where most nutritious foods are (dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables). 

Cut back on expensive individually packaged snacks. 

Stock up on sale items that you will definitely use, and use relatively soon. 

Watch your order get tallied, and check your receipt. 

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