Time to move dump

As a Caymanian, born here in George Town, I have watched the dump grow from a little place called a dump to something so disgusting I really don’t know as to what it should be called now.

I know while working with Mr. Dacosta, owner of Puritan Cleaners a few miles west of it, there were days we could not open the front door of the cleaners because of the smell coming from it.

Many times I myself called the Department of Health about it, but was told there was nothing they could do about it.

Now there are those that may think I haven’t done a check on this before speaking about it, but I am here to say I have checked all the way to Waste Management in Texas checking to see what they and my Government were in talks about before 
I opened my mouth.

It is time we close this dump, as I believe it’s time another district had a chance to open something proper in the modern way, as the place it is now in has outgrown its place.

Truman Walton

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