Joshua Bernard in insurance association

Joshua S. Bernard has been accepted into the Million Dollar Round Table Association. 

The association is a professional trade association that was formed in 1927 to help insurance salespeople and financial advisors establish best business practices and develop ethical and effective ways to increase client interest in financial products, specifically risk based products like life insurance, disability and long term care. 

Mr. Bernard has worked at British Caymanian Insurance Company for seven years and believes that the most important reason for having life insurance is to ensure that people are prepared for the unexpected and to have a succession plan in place.  

“Only life insurance can provide income replacement and mortgage protection,” he said. “In addition, many entrepreneurs do not think about the possible consequences to their business and family if something was to happen to them or to one of their partners. Key man insurance and buy sell agreements can protect the interests of everyone involved.” Key man insurance coverage in a business involves purchasing a life insurance policy on each of the partners in the small business. The policy would name the business as the beneficiary and provide the funding needed to keep the business operating if one of the partners was no longer alive. A buy-sell agreement would specify the exact terms and conditions that the shares in the company can be sold or transferred to another individual and details that will enable the business to purchase outstanding shares from the estate of a deceased partner. 


Mr. Bernard

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