World’s biggest oil rig passes by Cayman

The world’s largest floating oil rig was scheduled to pass by Grand Cayman around midnight Thursday. 

The giant hull of the oil platform is being transported from South Korea to Chevron in Texas, according to Cayman Brac-based shipping advisor Raymond Scott, who regularly monitors ship movements in the Caribbean. 

“It is the biggest object that has even been transported in the history of the world,” said Mr. Scott. “It’s the biggest oil rig in the world being transported on board the biggest floating dry dock ship built to carry oil rigs and other ships.” 

The semi-submersible oil platform hull, owned by Chevron and bound for the oil company’s Jack/St. Malo deepwater Gulf of Mexico project, was recently built in South Korea by Samsung Heavy Industries. 

It is being delivered to its destination at Ingleside, Texas by the 117,000 metric ton Dockwise Vanguard. It left South Korea on 12 February and is expected to arrive in Texas on Wednesday, 1 May. 

If it continues on its current route, the 900-foot long heavy transport vessel will pass 12 to 14 miles south of Grand Cayman Thursday around midnight, Mr. Scott said. 

At 61,730 tons, the hull is the world’s largest to date. 

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