Maples kicks in Grassroots help

Football in the Cayman Islands will be boosted by a new initiative. 

The Maples Grassroots Programme makes its first step forward in the form of a coaching workshop. The seminar takes place in the VIP Lounge of the Truman Bodden Sports Complex at 5-7pm on Monday and Tuesday, 29-30 April. 

Maples Grassroots football will officially launch next month and target children aged 4 to 11. The FIFA-approved endeavour will offer training sessions twice a week after school at select district fields across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Refreshments and transportation will be provided for those sessions. Each week will end with noncompetitive games every Saturday morning. 

The Maples programme is expected to feature two annual seasons, with the first running February to July and the second lasting September to November.  

The goal of the programme is to encourage youngsters to get actively involved in football while sharing and instilling the values of the game. Going forward, the idea is to maximize young players’ development and prepare them for competition in the CUC Primary Football League and Cayman Islands Football Association Youth Leagues. 

A registration fee for the Maples programme is in effect, with $75 covering one child for the year. Participants receive two uniforms (shirts, shorts, socks and shin guards). 

Individuals interested in working as coaches with the Maples Grassroots Programme must attend the workshop in order to be considered.  


For more information, e-mail Marcos Tinoco at [email protected] 

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