‘Error’ removes voter from list

A West Bay voter’s name was removed from the Cayman Islands register of electors due to an “error” made by an Elections Office worker. 

Now, the voter who was informed of the mistake in mid-April may not be able to participate in the upcoming general election, even though the removal of the name from the register was not that person’s fault. 

The response from the Elections Office?  

The voter should have doubled-checked the register of electors list.  

“It is … unfortunate that you did not check the register of electors during [the] period from July 2012 to January 2013,” according to the letter sent to the voter by Elections Supervisor Kearney Gomez on 17 April.  

The Caymanian Compass has contacted the voter who received the letter from Mr. Gomez on 17 April. The voter asked the newspaper withhold the name in the hope of eventually being included on the list prior to the 22 May vote.  

Mr. Gomez’s letter stated that Deputy Elections Supervisor Orrett Connor was looking into the matter and that the office was “exploring the legal means that are at its disposal to [e]nsure that you are not disenfranchised on 22 May, 2013”. Elections officials promised to get back in touch with the voter prior to the election.  

Mr. Connor reiterated Monday that the Elections Office was examining options to get the voter back on the list prior to 22 May. 

According to the 17 April correspondence, the voter discovered the omission upon checking the register of electors the last time it was published on 1 April.  

“We have determined that your name was on the official register of electors for 1 July, 2012 and that your name was omitted from the 
revised list of electors dated 21 July, 2012,” Mr. Gomez wrote.  

However, Mr. Gomez also pointed out that, since last July, the register of electors has been updated every three months “for a total of at least five times” since the voter’s name was left off. 

“While we acknowledge that an error was made by the registering officer by omitting your name, the procedures as outlined in the Elections Law … were followed, by having the preliminary and settled lists published, so that any omissions or other errors can be identified and rectified by way of claims,” he wrote. 

The Elections Office, the government and Governor Duncan Taylor have been at great pains to allow as many Cayman Islands voters as possible to register this election term, even extending the normal early January voter registration deadline to 22 January.  

Well more than 3,000 new voters registered between the July 2012 “one man, one vote” referendum and the January deadline, giving Cayman a record 18,492 registered voters for 22 May. 


  1. This is utterly pathetic and indeed infringes on the rights of the individual whose name was removed from the voters list through no fault of his/her own.
    If this were me I would make such a stink that many would smell the injustice far and wide. Perhaps this in ideal supports the ‘wrong’ political party in the district of West Bay. otherwise I bet this matter would have been resolved immediately. Unfortunately, I like many others are very aware of the ‘political politicalness of politics’ in the Cayman Islands (pardon the jargon).
    I hope this individual stands up for his/her rights and insists on being put back on the voters list. It is an insult and a stupid, unprofessional excuse to say you should have checked to make sure your name appeared on the list Talk about passing the buck. I have been registered to vote for the past 20 years and during that period the only time I have checked the voters registration list was to make a name change after being married.
    Shame on you Kerney Gomez. I thought better of you.

  2. When there is a question of voter eligibility on election day, the solution is to have the voter vote a provisional ballot. Election officials can then examine the circumstances and make a determination on the validity of the provisional ballot. Clerical mistakes happen, but there is no need to disenfranchise any voter.

  3. I just want to clarify my original comment. When I wrote ‘wrong political party’ I was being VERY sarcastic.
    Let me also add that it is quite common place that political parties be bullies in the past. I am only speaking the truth!!!

  4. Yup, same thing happened to my spouse. Registered on the last cut-off date, got a receipt but his name never made it to the elections register? Got the same embarrassing excuse that it was up to him to check the final register but he says he was never advised this by the clerk nor was this brought to his attention at the time of registering. Only found out when he was denied his application for a poll vote. Makes you wonder how many more new voter’s papers are out there that the elections office ‘lost’?

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