Voters urged to take pledge

Cayman Islands voters are being asked by the local Anti-Corruption Commission and the Elections Office to take a stand against corruption by taking the “voter’s pledge”.  

The pledge, also supported by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, reads: “As a registered voter in the Cayman Islands, I recognise that corruption is a complex economic, political and social challenge that threatens democracy, sustainable development, the rule of law, the welfare and health of our citizens; whose corrosive influence extends to the spread of financial crime and other illicit areas that pose threats to the security, good order and wellbeing or our society. 

“I believe and reaffirm the need to establish and nurture a culture of integrity among citizens, public officials and private sector officials. 

“I pledge to do my party as a responsible voter by saying no to corruption and reporting any incidents of corruption or election-related offences to the Anti-Corruption Unit on 928-1747.”  

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and all government service chief officers have taken the pledge. Any member of the public or any organisations that wish to fulfil the pledge is asked to send photos of their group to the commission’s secretariat or the Elections Office Facebook page where it will be posted.  

The Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Law provides a $2,000 fine and up to 14 years imprisonment for corruption-related offences for public officials, while other residents can get up to a 12-month sentence for those offences. 

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