Lizzie Curious returns with new, old single

Cayman has semi-adopted ace DJ and musician Lizzie Curious over the last couple of years, and the colourfully-barnetted one is delighted about it.

The London-based rising star is having a well good year with gigs and releases all over the place. Weekender managed to snag a few minutes with our good mate in among her increasingly busy schedule.

Your new single is called “I’m Not Drowning” – what’s that all about?

I wrote this song several years ago and I always felt it was one of my best works. Since launching my label and being blessed to have my fanbase grow, I felt now was the right time to re-release it, so the song really had a chance to shine. I brought Tim Cullen (who played at Cayman Islands Winter Music Festival this year) and the Luv Gunz onboard to remix it and now it’s flying up the Beatport charts and getting great feedback from all corners of the world!

What other collaborations do you have coming up?

I have a new song with Jesse Voorn called “To The Stars” coming out on Ego Records on 7 May – which many of you will already have had premiered on Spin FM. I also have a new solo track coming out on Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music in the summer too and some big new tracks planned for my record label Curiousity Club.

How do you decide who to work with?

I have an established circle of trusted producers that I’m honoured to work with, so I will always listen to the song and if I connect with it, then I spend some time to get into the track and see how I can hear a vocal fitting in with the track and take it from there. I also write my own tracks in my studio, so then I bring onboard trusted remixers who I know will deliver.

Any chance of a flute-based track next? Maybe a duet with Ron Burgundy?

That’s so funny on two levels – firstly as I trained classically on the flute when I was growing up and secondly because my apartment smells of rich mahogany ;0) Maybe I could record the theme tune for Anchorman 2?!

How have you been inspired by your Cayman experiences?

I have absolutely loved every trip I have had to your beautiful island and each show I’ve played has been amazing. The genuine friendliness and warm welcoming vibe here, along with the appreciation you all have for where you live, makes for such an amazing crowd to perform to. I am also inspired by the absolutely beautiful scenery, it always feels like such an honour to be able to perform in paradise. And the memories keep me going when it’s freezing cold in London.

Whatcha got lined up for the rest of 2013?

I’m off to Ibiza on 21 May for a week which I am really excited about – I’m taking part in some filming for a pilot of a new TV show, along with plenty of gigs. Then on 21 June I head out to Houston to headline at a weekend event called Purgatory, which includes an amazing pool party – and you know how I much I love DJing to people dancing in the sunshine! I also have three more Curiousity Club label parties booked in for London too. Last but by no means I would love to come back to the Cayman islands in the fall to perform – I do miss the island and all of you!

What’s the best number for a bus route and why?

77, because it rhymes with heaven and also goes right past my house in London and drops me right outside one of my best friends’ houses.

To find Lizzie’s work just search Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, iTunes and pretty much everywhere.

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