Last day for new voter identification cards

Holders of expired cards should pick up reprinted cards

Friday, 10 May, is the final day on which registered voters can get a new identification card. 

Known officially as an elector registration card, the ID contains such information as the voter’s name, address, polling division and registration number. Most importantly, it has a photo of the voter. 

If anyone goes to vote without a voter ID card, he or she will have to carry some form of photo identification such as passport, driver’s licence or employment card, said Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez. 

A voter who does not have a photo ID will not be deprived of the right to vote, he explained, but that person will have to take an oath. 

The polling process will run more smoothly if everyone has a voter ID card, Mr. Gomez said. 

Election staff will be in the lobby of the Smith Road Centre until 8pm. 

Previously registered voters who had elector cards do not need to have a new photo taken. The picture already stored in the system has been printed with the voter data and the renewed cards await pick-up. 

Sharon Ebanks, who has been handing out voter cards all week, estimated on Wednesday that she still had more than 2,000 cards to be collected. The majority are for people in the George Town district, she said. 

The Elections Office announced last week that production of new electors registration cards would cease as of 10 May because equipment and personnel will be busy providing identification cards to elections officers, candidates, agents and observers, both foreign and local. 

Obtaining the voter ID card is quick and easy. Carlos Vargas came in after work on Wednesday, showed his driver’s licence, had his picture taken and signed an electronic signature pad. Two minutes later, technician Derry Arch handed him his card. 

Election day is Wednesday, 22 May. 

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