Independents seek C4C-Progressives ties

Alden not in the plan

Update 1pm: Both the United Democratic Party and the People’s Progressive Movement responded to the Coalition for Cayman’s statement Wednesday. The text of the UDP statement can be found here. The text of the PPM statement can be found here.


Joining the latest group of the United Democratic Party’s post-election opponents, the seven candidates endorsed by the Coalition for Cayman have said they will not support UDP candidates in any coalition government.

However, the coalition group has stated that it would be happy to work with some members of the People’s Progressive Movement in a post-election scenario, assuming the two groups together have enough people to form a ten-person government together.

One condition: Current PPM party leader Alden McLaughlin need not apply.

“To those candidates of the Progressives who have approached us and who are unhappy with their party’s leadership, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in a coalition-led government if you are elected and prepared to put the people of these Islands first,” a statement released by the coalition candidates Wednesday stated.

Mr. McLaughlin has previously said that his party – which is running 15 candidates in the upcoming 22 May general election – would not consider the idea of forming a coalition government until after the vote was taken. Essentially, there would be no pre-election deal-making.

“The C4C has certainly not indicated any interest at all in working with the Progressives,” Mr. McLaughlin had said earlier. “What I can say, which I’ve said in the past, is that there are strong links between certain C4C candidates and the [United Democratic Party].”

The coalition candidates, Jude Scott, Roy McTaggart, Winston Connolly, Sharon Roulstone, Jacqueline Haynes, Tara Rivers and Mervin Smith all said there would be no post-election alliances with former Premier McKeeva Bush’s party.

“We will not form a Cabinet with the United Democratic Party,” the statement read.

The coalition candidates reiterated their case that countries such as Canada, Switzerland and the UK all currently have multiple-party governments and that Cayman previously had such governments prior to 2001.

“Coalitions foster independent thinking, broader representation for the people and require leaders to find compromise on opposing views,” the statement read.

Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Bush have previously argued that one-party governments maintain a better ability to hit the ground running following an election, rather than coalitions which can often take some time to organise.



  1. C4C and ppm will lose this election the don’t. Have a leader ..the don’t have solution
    UDP is the winners of this election ….the have leaders and solution the help the poor and the fore every one ….
    VOTE UDP be with the winners

  2. So saying you are not going to work with who is in the Legislative Assembly for the good of the country just because they are of another party –


  3. Speaker, I think people are reluctant to vote in PPM again. See how the country went into 81 million debt and monies unaccounted for. PNA (People National Alliance) and voting in individual candidates seems to be another option that isnt UDP and PPM.

    As for C4C, I cant understand why they dont call themselves a party – If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck!

  4. Every time Mr Jordan writes he makes a case for a coalition government. Get with the winners?. Really!.. I am not for any party, but for sure I do not wish for any losers in Cayman. Everyone of the various groups has formed a plan, what they believe should be their national plan. What we need is the people national plan. All of the initiatives listed on all of the various groups plans should be gathered together after the election through a brainstorming secession and the best of the best Ideas should form our national plan. The last thing we need is a win lose scenario. What we need is a win/win.. Ground rules; Premiere is the time-keeper, and deadlocks equal referendums. Also an amendment to the Constitution, where the premiere is elected by the people..

  5. Caymanian-at-guard, Good point. But if the Premier is elected by the people, he is President no more to be called Premier. The Governor and FCO wouldn’t want us to stray away from a Westminister system or style of government. That is why PPM wants it one man one vote not more than one vote. That would mean having a legislative house for making laws, separate from its executive prevelege it now has – meaning the President will get to choose unelected officials of government to do the ministerial portfolios for the country…

    The last thing they want is to know an small overseas territory has adopted a system of government like the United States. That would make them look like a joke!

  6. SirTurtle – Just to be clear, I am not an apologist for the PPM, I am just pointing out what I see. This election will be decided in GT where there are no PNA candidates and where the greatest number of new voters has been added. It will be a face-off between C4C, PPM and UDP.

    In any event at least 2 of the PNA (one of whom has a safe seat) have indicated that they may be willing to support a McKeeva Bush-led govt. if it means that they gain a Cabinet seat. It is a simple fact: splitting the anti-UDP vote will bring a UDP govt.

  7. SirTurtle, That statement re. not working with members of the UDP left a question mark for me.. To further aggravate, not wanting to work with the Leader of the PPM disqualifies both leaders of the two major parties from their plans to form a government. A coalition cannot start by excluding Representatives of the people.
    Every time I try to climb down from the fence, someone runs me right back up. This is going to be a very interesting election, I believe a lot of people are sitting on the fence as I am. But Cayman, this is our chance to break-up party politics and all the negative division and distractions. Lets send a clear message, that we want a team that works together for all of us, not sitting on the Front bench or back-bench pointing fingers, and using the failures of the prior administration as their qualification to be elected.

  8. Who ever do click in my comment down many times that cant help ppm and C4C get elected
    The are losing election ..
    Don’t click too much Lol UDP is next government if you like it our not
    Poor people love UDP so click as much you want … We UDP is the next gov

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