Lighthouse students make a splash

Several children from the Lighthouse School enjoyed a day on the Hydraterra Amphibious Bus on Tuesday, 14 May.
The trip was an opportunity for the youngsters to see George Town through the buses’ vantage point, which is perched considerably higher the all the other vehicles on the street. 

“These kids ride in a bus all the time and many may not get the chance to go in a boat, so when they hear about a bus that can also be a boat in the water it is really exciting for them,” said business owner Kent Eldemire. 

After boarding the tour at the Royal Palms, the students were taken on a tour of West Bay Road and George Town, including landmarks such as the Legislative Assembly and Heroes’ Square.  

During this time, they were given a presentation on the essential facts about some of the sites along the journey. It was then on to the George Town waterfront, where the tour guide told the children he would need their help to turn the bus into a boat. 

“Come on kids. This is where we are going to have to do a bit of magic,” he declared, before counting to three and having all the students shout, “go boat go!”. 

Before long, the bus the students had been traversing Grand Cayman in had doubled as a boat and we found ourselves in the middle of George Town harbour, surrounded by snorkellers and tourists, fish and shipwrecks. 

Once out in the water one of the tour guides got into the water to feed the fish, causing a bit of a feeding frenzy and a great source of entertainment for the youngsters, who seemed to be absolutely captivated by the experience. 

The Hydraterra Amphibious Bus operates two-hour tours, three times a day. The boat seats 44 people and is rated as 100 per cent unsinkable by the US Coast Guard, operators said.  


For more information on the Hydraterra, contact 945-8687. 

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