You’d better know Harrison Ford’s middle name

First impressions 

We have loved movies since we were a child. We grew up on “Sound of Music”, “Wizard of Oz”, The “Godfather” Trilogy, “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones” and many, many more. Whenever there has been a trivia night and we’ve been on a team, the movie trivia questions have been our favourite. 

We were actually searching for a different app in the App Store when we chanced upon “That Ain’t It!” Dreadful English aside, the colours of a theatre marquee surrounding the logo drew us in like a moth to the flame (not to mention the fact that it was only 99 cents). We decided to give it a go to see if we were indeed as good as we believed we were. And so the battle began! 


How it works 

You create your profile, which is as simple as putting your name in, and then you play the game. You’ll see a padlock symbol covering the Speed Trivia option. That’s because you have to gain a cumulative score of $250,000 before it will unlock. Better to take baby steps anyway… 

So you’ll go with Game Show by default and it takes you through the instructions. Each question is multiple choice and you have to choose the one answer that is incorrect. For example, if the question is “What actors were in Gone With The Wind?” and one of the answers is “Mickey Mouse”, odds are good that’s the one to choose. 

You get 10 questions at a time, and those make up one round. Each round begins with easy questions that get progressively more difficult as you approach the 10th question. 

You have four lifelines available per round, much like that millionaire game, including adding 30 seconds to your time, taking away two of the wrong answers, and changing the category. 

You spin the wheel each time for a category. There are eight in total, with Drama, Comedy, Family, Grab Bag and Classics among them. 

The music in the background will probably get on your nerves after about two minutes, but that’s switched off easily enough. Sounds like something Kenan Thompson from SNL might have in his repertoire when performing his “What Up With That?” Skit. 

After you’ve played a few times you can see how well you match up with others by tapping on the globe symbol on the starting screen, which displays top scores from international film buffs. 


When we played 

We entered our name and got right into it. The first questions were indeed quite easy, and we breezed through them. Those were only for a few “dollars” so we certainly couldn’t buy that imaginary Ferrari quite yet. The moment we got into medium mode, however, our cockiness began to fade. Had “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” been filmed in Romania? Had Jim Carrey ever played Elvis Presley in a film? Was “The Rocketeer” released in the 1980s? 

Wow – we were sure we would breeze through almost all of these, but it was certainly not the case. The first thing we realised is that we needed to bone up on Danny DeVito films. 

We really enjoyed the challenge of this game, and couldn’t wait to show other friends of ours; particularly those who clearly felt they had their finger on the pulse of the movie industry. We reckon even Quentin Tarantino (who is apparently a great film trivia aficionado) would have been stumped by some of those questions. Maybe we’ll get him on the phone next week to play a game mano a mano. 


Final thoughts 

That Ain’t It! is fun and certainly educational for anyone interested in films. It covers so many subjects that it will keep you entertained, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to test others with it. 

We were up to about $1600 by the time we wrote this overview, so it’s safe to say that we’re a way off from playing Speed Trivia. It’ll be interesting to see what it involves; if we ever get there. 

Covers films from all decades. Lots of different categories. Fascinating facts. 



That annoying music. 

That Ain’t It!
Cost: $0.99 (100 additional questions is $0.99)
Seller: MJ Trivia
Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Rating: E – Everyone 

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