Political parties consolidate power bases

With results in the Cayman Islands 2013 general election starting to solidify, it appeared the two established political parties were staking their claim in traditional power bases.

The country’s three largest districts of George Town, West Bay and Bodden Town were still tabulating results around 11pm Wednesday, but those that were counted indicated that United Democratic Party candidates were doing well in West Bay and People’s Progressive Movement candidates were ahead in Bodden Town.

In West Bay, one candidate, the C4C’s Tara Rivers was challenging to break the UDP monopoly. Similarly, one UDP candidate, Theresa Pitcairn was seriously challenging in Bodden Town.

George Town was still too early to call.

In the early balloting, the PPM appeared to have the upper hand with three of its candidates filling the three top spots. However, candidates from the C4C and the UDP were both in a position to challenge for seats in the Legislative Assembly.

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