Make airport trolleys available

I have been coming to the Caymans for many years now and love it very much so that I am sure you would appreciate my opinion for the betterment of the Islands and the tourist industry. I am also an investor.  

However on my last visit, on departure 14th May when I went to collect a trolley for my luggage my sister and I, quite elderly, were accosted by one airport staff who angrily snatched the trolley back and told me these trolleys were only available for incoming passengers! Go get a porter! 

Searching around we found a young fellow to help us. 

I suggest that trolleys are made available for the use of incoming and outgoing passengers; why the differential? At peak time trolleys have to be the nominated help for heavy luggage and elderly travellers. This works in other airports throughout the world, why not the Caymans? 

Yvonne Trueman 


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