Promises to a fool

The Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs pronounced in one of his classics that promises were comfort to a fool. This well-worn adage has equal application to the political arena where a column of new and old blood recently rode into the legislature on the backs of a herd of promises.

The inspired electorate made a communal wish to be neither fooled nor used as a tool and carefully incorporated two independent candidates to audit performance. They should be bolstered by several maiden members of the legislature carried along by their party’s landslide but unsullied by past political history. The most vigilance is expected of those who were embraced so substantively in their maiden elections.

A good start would be to immediately separate from the party if principle meets political necessity. The Cayman electorate is extremely unforgiving for those who delay in climbing the tree of principle. Ask the four unelected former ministers.

Much is expected to whom much is given.

Peter Polack

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