State funeral for former speaker

First lying-in-state in Cayman to honour Edna Moyle

For the first time in the Cayman Islands, a lying-in-state will be held at the Legislative Assembly for the late Edna Moyle, a former Speaker of the House. 

On Thursday, 30 May, there will be a ceremonial lowering of government flags, followed by a lying-in-state at the parliamentary building in which Mrs. Moyle worked as an elected representative of North Side in the Legislative Assembly for 17 years and over which she presided as speaker from 2005 to 2009. 

Mrs. Moyle’s funeral will be held in North Side on Saturday, 1 June. 

Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose, who has responsibility for the Protocol Office, urged members of the public to attend the public events in memory of Mrs. Moyle’s role in the development of the Cayman Islands and her contributions to its people.  

“Members of the Legislative Assembly are responsible for the introduction of laws that govern our society and Cabinet ministers set policies that affect each and every one of us,” Mr. Rose said. “As a MLA who was also a minister and speaker, Mrs. Moyle had a particularly significant role to play. It is fitting that the country should mark her passing in this way.” 

According to local protocol guidelines, only current and former senior public service officials are entitled to receive a state funeral. These include the governor, the premier and former leaders of government business, as well as chief justices, House speakers and deputy governors. 

Thursday’s events will begin at 9am, with a ceremonial lowering to half-mast of the Cayman Islands’ flag outside the government administration building on Elgin Avenue in George Town. The flag lowering will be attended by members of the family, but is also open to members of the public.  

At this time, the civil service will also observe a moment of silence.  

Later in the morning, senior government officials will pay their respects at the start of an official lying-in-state that will continue from 10am to 3pm. Members of the public are invited to attend the Legislative Assembly to file past the coffin. A guard-of-honour from the police, prison and fire services will watch over the proceedings. 

Mrs. Moyle’s state funeral on Saturday will be preceded by a funeral cortege from George Town to North Side, when a hearse carrying Mrs. Moyle will follow a processional route from George Town to Clifton Hunter High School in Frank Sound.  

The official funeral will begin at 3pm and will be followed by a burial at the W.O. Chisholm family cemetery at Grapetree Point in North Side.  

Mrs. Moyle died following a battle with cancer on Tuesday, 21 May, one day before the general election. She had been the representative for North Side from 1992 to 2009 and served as a Cabinet minister from 2000 to 2001.  

The funeral will be rebroadcast on CIGTV20 at a date to be announced.  

Condolence books for Mrs. Moyle will remain open until 5pm Friday, 31 May, at the government administration building and the Legislative Assembly in George Town, and at the district administration building on Cayman Brac and until 5pm Saturday, 1 June, at Chisholm’s Supermarket in North Side. 


Ms Moyle


Black wreaths on the columns outside the government administration building mark the passing of former Speaker of the House Edna Boyle. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY

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