Toronto children vie to win advertisement competition

The Caribbean Tourism Organization is set to unleash the creativity of youth on Toronto during Caribbean Week in Canada, which runs from 26 to 28 June. The organisation has announced an “Advertise the Caribbean” contest targeting youth up to age 21 from the Greater Toronto area. 

The tourism body said that the contest challenged youth to create an original poster advertisement for any of the more than 30 Caribbean Tourism Organization member countries. It is open to students in three categories: Junior Category (ages 12 or under); Middle Category 
(ages 13 to 18); and Senior Category (ages 19 to 21).  

“We believe that the youth are quite ingenious and creative and this contest allows them the opportunity to unleash their creativity by generating some of the most compelling reasons for Canadians to visit the Caribbean,” said Sylma Brown, the director of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s New York office, which organises Caribbean Week in Canada. 

The contest is organised by young Caribbean Diaspora professionals in Toronto, spearheaded by Sheldon “Solitair” Pitt, a multitalented, two-time Juno Award nominated Canadian producer and artist. Pitt, who is of Grenadian descent, also mentors youth who are interested in the arts, through music workshops and public speaking.  

The best advertisements will be revealed at the Diaspora Forum in Toronto on 26 June. The winner receives tickets for two to a Caribbean destination. 

The organisation said that it had launched “an aggressive social media programme” in order to spread the word about the current Caribbean Week, taking place in New York from 1 to 8 June. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram and Google Communities all have official Caribbean Tourism Organisation 
channels set up to promote events.  

This social media initiative, according to the organisation, was meant to help engage closely with all key audiences online to expand and improve the relationships with travellers, influencers, bloggers, the media and partners. 

“Through paid advertising we are reaching three million people in the tri-state area; over 25 million generally through additional tweets, etcetera and hundreds of millions worldwide,” Ms Brown said. 


Ms Brown

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