Chuckle crowd got diverse double

Laughter Lounge gave another double dose of stand-up comedy delight at the Grand Room in the Strand last weekend. 

This time it was American David Arnold and California-based Brit Cole Parker dishing out the funnies. 

House crooner Rupert Ackerman delivered his usual old school ballads before the chuckle sessions started.  

Arnold has a long list of credits to his name and his immense talent and experience in the entertainment industry really showed. 

A seamless run through all the usual topics, including family life, sexual experiences and quirky observations on life had the audience in raptures.  

One of his stock jokes is how single people are hooking up far easier through internet dating sites. Only trouble is, when the soulmates become a couple it inevitably leads to arguments and even driving to the beach for a romantic long walk leads to far from harmonious conflict.  

Parker too has a diverse background and he draws on his vast range well, including the circumstance around becoming a single parent to his daughter.  

Although a relative newcomer to stand up, Parker dealt with an over zealous heckler well at the Great Room and immediately got back into his stride, keeping everyone smiling.  

Laughter Lounge promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts continue to deliver. The packed houses on a Friday and Saturday once a month don’t have a chance to get bored because there is an vast reservoir of high level talent bursting to come here. 

Word of mouth has got round that the Cayman Islands is a glorious place for a relaxing, funny weekend. Long may it continue. 


Cole Parker’s British humour shone brightly.

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