Teens get pregnancy message across through poster contest

Teenage pregnancy is a big issue in the Cayman Islands.  

Available statistics from the Health Service Authority show that between 2007 and 2010, more than 200 babies were born to teenage mothers. It’s a trend that has been gradually rising over the years.  

Although the Family Resource Centre assists young parents and provides them with resources through Young Parent Services, they say the key to this issue is prevention.  

The centre recently ran a campaign for students during the month of May, titled “I Am Worth The Wait”, intended to raise awareness and advocate prevention.  

One aspect of the campaign involved the centre conducting presentations at local schools, aimed at empowering youth as decision makers and to realise that sex is a decision that should not be treated lightly.  

“We believe we need to be having conversations about sex on a regular basis, so your children can have a comprehensive understand of sex and the positive and negative consequences,” said Miriam Foster of the Family Resource Centre. “In the same way we talk to kids about road safety, we should educate about sexual safety.” 

The second aspect of the campaign was a poster competition, sponsored by the Caymanian Compass, with the grand prize donated by Learning Exchange. Students were asked to create posters illustrating why they and their peers are worth the wait.  

Students posted their submissions on Facebook, where they could be viewed by the public, which became the judges, with those receiving the most “likes” becoming the winning entries.  

The grand prize went to Thalia Rego Ramos of John Gray High School. Tori Miller of Cayman Prep and High School took second place and Nathan Miller, also of Cayman Prep, took third place.  

The Family Resource continues its work educating students and their families on the issue of teenage pregnancy. 


Thalia Rego Ramos won the grand prize for her cartoon strip style poster.

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