InsideOut, Thompson’s winner takes home washer and dryer

Makes winnings a Father’s Day present

Felicia Ramsay was delighted to receive the call last week informing her she was the lucky winner of the A. L. Thompson’s and Inside Out competition to win a Whirlpool luxury washer and dryer. Her father will be even more delighted that she decided to gift the appliances to him for Father’s Day.

Ms Ramsay filled out the card at the A. L. Thompson’s store in Savannah after making a purchase and dropped it in the box a few weeks ago.

“I never win anything normally,” she said. “So when I got the call to say I was the winner, I asked the person calling if they were sure it was me they meant to call.”

With Father’s Day coming up this past Sunday, Ms Ramsay, who lives with her parents, immediately decided that she would pass the gift on to her father.
The top-of-the-line washing machine and dryer, which can be stacked one on top of the other, or installed side by side, will certainly be a welcome addition to the home Ms Ramsay shares with her family and will mean they can update their existing appliances.

A. L. Thompson’s partnered with InsideOut magazine on this competition and the public had the option of entering online or by completing a card in either of the A. L. Thompson’s stores.

“It was a pleasure partnering with Cayman Free Press and InsideOut magazine on this great Whirlpool promotion. It is especially exciting and rewarding to be able to award a winner with a top-of-the-line laundry combo and we congratulate Felicia Ramsey wholeheartedly,” commented Creative Director of A. L. Thompson’s Patricia Rice.



Felicia Ramsay is congratulated by A. L. Thompson’s Paul Nixon. – Photo: Stephen Clarke


Danni Oting, of A. L. Thompson, draws the winner, with Justin Uzzell, InsideOut publisher.

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