Go out and ride a bike

Being a father is about more than providing financial support. It’s about being an active presence in a child’s life.  

This weekend, that could mean hopping on a bike and going for a bike ride around Camana Bay, before having lunch with them.  

On Sunday, 23 June, the Family Resource Centre is holding the “C’mon Dad, Bike Ride & Lunch”, to encourage fathers to “Be a dad daily.” 

All to often when fathers cannot provide financially for their children, they tend to withdraw altogether, says Miriam Foster of the Family Resource Centre. Those who don’t live with their kids also often play only a minor role in the daily child care tasks. 

The “Be a Dad Daily” campaign aims to encourage fathers to play an active role in their children’s upbringing, to spend time with them, engage in wholesome activities together and help ensure they have both female and male role models in their lives.  

The bike ride and lunch begins at 11.30am in Camana Bay. Fathers and their children are encouraged to wear green – it’s the international colour of fatherhood – as they cycle a loop through the town centre before heading to the waterfront for lunch.  

Bikes will be provided for those that don’t have them. Participation is $10 per person and includes a raffle entry, with some great prizes to be won, a gift certificate for Dukes, and the first 100 to sign up will also get a water bottle.  

Lunch at the Waterfront will also be available, for just $10 for adults and $8 for kids.  

Funds raised through the event will go towards the Family Resource Centre’s fatherhood programmes. 


To register, visit www.caymanactive.com or contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or email [email protected] 

The Family Resource Centre is holding the C’mon Dad, Bike Ride & Lunch, to encourage fathers to “Be a dad daily.” 


Kids! Take dad out for a bike ride this Sunday. – Photo: File

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