Local author launching print edition of successful e-book

A few months back, Weekender caught up with local author Elke Feuer, who had just released the electronic version of her thriller, “For the Love of Jazz”.  

Elke’s coming back to Books & Books on Thursday, 27 June, at 7pm to launch the physical edition. Here’s what’s been happening in the meantime. 


How has reaction been to the e-book? 

Fantastic! So far everyone who’s read the book loves it. It’s not just friends and family, so that’s a great feeling. I’m hoping people who don’t have e-readers find the same enjoyment with the paperback book.  


And now it’s in print; how did that come about? 

The publishing company has a 3 to 6 months turnaround from e-books to print. It’s a process called print on demand (POD). Basically your book goes “live” on all sites the paperback will be available for purchase. You order it, they print and send it to you. Pretty amazing!  


How did you construct the novel? 

I started with a story idea then wrote out the main things I saw happening in the story. I then signed up for an online writing class at Gotham Writers’ Workshop. I ended up taking four classes, worked through all the main plot points and developed the characters and setting. I reviewed all the feedback from the teacher, fellow students, and picked what I wanted to add to the story. Next it was editing, editing and more editing until I was happy with the flow of the story and that each plot point wrapped up nicely in the end.  

The story started out as a romance and ended up with other elements: ghosts, mystery, and suspense. I learned a lot about myself, the book, and the whole process of writing a story from start to finish. It was a gruelling yet wonderful process. 


What’s next for you? 

Oh boy, where do I start? I have two book signings coming up this month here in Cayman and another one in Georgia at an RWA (Romance Writers of America) Conference in July. I’m very excited to meet and connect with readers, and meet in person, writers I met online over the past year.  

I’m working on organising events for local authors to connect with each other, and for people in Cayman to meet local authors. I’m very excited about that! 

I have two books I’m working on right now: 

The first is “The Trouble with Soul Mates”, a contemporary romance about a woman who meets her soul mate in her dreams. Half of the book is set in Cayman the other half in Ireland.  

The other is “Deadly Bloodlines”, another romantic suspense, about the daughter of a serial killer who returns to Cayman after 20 years and is faced with family secrets, and a copycat killer determined to finish what her mother started.  


Anything else? 

“Deadly Bloodlines” is now part of a three book series (“Deadly Race”, “Deadly Family”) aptly called the “Deadly Series”. All three are based in Cayman.  


Join Elke at Books & Books on Thursday, 27 June at 7pm. 

fpr the love of jazz cover-DB

Elke Feuer’s novel is now out in a print edition. – Photo: Submitted

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