Divetech holds successful rebreather dive event

Divers from as far away as South Africa, Australia, the US and the UK, gathered in Grand Cayman at the tail end of May for a special dive event. 

Inner Space, organised by Divetech, was held between Friday, 24 May and Saturday, 1 June. The event included lectures and presentations on safety, research and new technologies, equipment tryouts, demonstrations and social events. 

“Inner Space is about sharing information, meeting like minded divers and keeping up with the changes in the industry,” said Nancy Easterbrook, who organised the first event in 2004. 

Rebreathers efficiently replenish oxygen and recycle exhaled breaths, so no bubbles are released which makes them silent. With no bubbles to scare the underwater critters, better interaction with marine life is possible and rebreather technology also allows divers to go deeper and stay underwater longer. 

Attendees at the event praised the camaraderie of the rebreather community, with Utah’s Randy Thornton noting that it was a growing aspect of diving. “Because the technology is still fairly young, we all are eager to interact and learn more from each other and it’s exciting to rub shoulders with newbies and old pros alike,” he said. 

Indeed, such was the success of the 2013 event that organisers noted that the 2014 event was already on its way to being 
sold out. 


Because rebreathing technology eliminates bubbles, closer interaction with marine life is possible. – Photo: Submitted

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